Worldwide vehicle logistics operator offering door to door services, adjusting air & sea routes to customer needs, requirements and schedules.
A highly experienced team with a great know-how will assist at any time anywhere needed.
Urgent and critical shipments when and where needed: high value cargo, delicate handling, racing cars, purchased cars abroad, car tours, motorsport events, country driving tours, cargo charters, dedicated cargo flights.


Specialized and secure lashing procedures to guarantee product best conditions and safety during transit.
Delicate and customized handling according to vehicles specifications and needs, designing and building metal and wooden air freight crates adjusted to vehicles dimensions and weaknesses. Including temperature regulatory layers and anti-humidity systems.


World wide Ro-Ro routes; faster loading rolling hundreds of vehicles in a few hours.
40’ and 20’ dedicated containers for prototypes, special vehicles and assets. Providing the appropiate lashing, sealed and anti humidity bags to preserve vehicles best conditions during transit.


Specialized customs agents network worldwide with presence at all borders to assure a smooth and zero setbacks import & export clearance.
Dangerous goods shipment experts - Dangerous Good Declarations – IMO & IATA.
Experienced managing and producing ATA Carnets & CPD (Carnet De Passages), customs procedures for temporary import & export according to driving requirements. Able to manage customs final procedures and car registrations for purchased vehicles shipped from foreign countries.


Experts in arranging cost-efficient and premium shipments to Motor Shows, Motorsport events and all kind of vehicle concourse and exhibitions.
Used to work on tight schedules, simultaneous unveils and presentations wherever are they placed.
Worldwide action range. We can take care of your exclusive vehicle offering a door to door service to outstanding events like Goodwood (UK), Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance (California), Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance (Miami).

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