Vehicle Safety in Air & Sea Shipping

There are many reasons behind the need of shipping a car overseas. For instance, the car in question might not be available at its destination country, leaving you no other choice but to ship it. Or it can easily be that the car is a rare issue, an antique or a collectible, that is being sold elsewhere, or displayed at a motor show event. It is also quite common that a car, or a number of them, is needed for a film shooting at a remote location. Then again, the reason could be as simple as a SUV lover relocating to a new country and wanting to take his loyal companion with him. If one thing is clear, it’s that reasons abound for transporting a car internationally.

Anyhow, if you are considering shipping a vehicle abroad, chances are you’re also wondering if it’s a safe endeavor, and whether your car will get safe and sound to its destination. And if it does, is it possible that it will have visible marks or damages due to its transportation? Rest easy, as we’ll disclose in the following lines how we at Driving Logistics make every effort to guarantee the safety of your car, regardless of your origin and destination.


Proper Vehicle Lashing and Packing

One of the most important factors to ensure the safety of a vehicle being shipped internationally consists of its lashing and packing processes. Inappropriate handling of these practices can be the cause behind irreversible damages to a car during its transportation.
Fortunately, at Driving Logistics we are a specialized firm committed to the safe delivery and shipping of vehicles. Therefore, we go to painstaking lengths to ensure the quality of our service and the integrity and safety of our cargo.

In this regard, the lashing of transported vehicles, both when it comes to sea and air freight, is not something we take lightly. We secure the lashing of vehicles in order to minimize any possibility of cargo shifting or slipping during transit. Depending on the type of vehicle and the transport unit used –ship or airplane–, different items will be used for proper car lashing.
Our specialists at Driving Logistics will always opt for the best lashing materials to ensure the safety and integrity of the vehicle, based on car size and shape. Furthermore, during the loading and lashing phase, we analyze which are the best fixing points on the vehicle. The ultimate purpose is always to ensure the safety of the car being shipped, and that it arrives to its destination without any kind of damage.


Adequate packing and containers

For the sake of guaranteeing that a car winds up at its destination safe and sound, and in the exact same conditions it departed in, not only are the lashing methods important. How the vehicles are packed, and where they are stowed, is equally as significant. Or even more so.
You may be asking yourself why. If a car is securely lashed, what else is there to worry about?

Well, think of an open-air cargo ship. Contemplate everything your car could endure aboard: inclement climate, hail, windblown debris, storms, or other severe, damage-causing weather events. In this sense, it is of the utmost importance to properly pack vehicles for transit in specialized containers. Especially with regard to special vehicles or prototypes requiring dedicate containers and delicate handling. At Driving Logistics we offer a complete range of 40’ and 20’ containers specifically intended for vehicle carriage, operated by highly-trained and experienced precision drivers. These enclosed freight crates adjusted to vehicle dimensions are also used for air transit.


Comprehensive monitoring of vehicles in transit

Finally, it’s not only about how we do it, it’s about how we do it. What we mean by this is that, to a greater extent than our methods, what really makes the difference is the meticulous monitoring we provide of the vehicles we ship internationally. In this way, before you even hand us over your car keys, a Driving Logistics specialist will have exhaustively documented the condition of the car you wish to ship overseas. This includes both the external parts of the vehicle for any kind of practical or aesthetic issue, and its interior. In this way, we are able to provide a comprehensive digital car damage check with a full and exhaustive report of each and every car transported.

And if that weren’t enough to provide you with the peace of mind that your vehicle will be well looked after, we also carry out premium services such as 24/7 continuous monitoring of your logistics, with fleet satellite control. All with the ultimate goal of ensuring that your vehicle arrives to its destination unharmed, and as good as new. Or even better!

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