The air and sea transport sector gives its support to archive more sustainable mobility

At Driving Logistics, we are experts in air and sea freight. We have containers dedicated to prototypes and special vehicles. We use unique types of packaging to keep vehicles and goods in the best conditions.

More and more companies are looking to achieve a zero carbon footprint, that is, to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions by compensating for the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

At Driving Logistics, we offer our full support to our clients who are developing concept cars and production vehicles in order to achieve more sustainable electric mobility.

These vehicles use lithium batteries that are subject to very strict safety measures and regulations when it comes to both air and sea freight.

We ship categories of hazardous materials in compliance with regulations including UN3480, UN3481 and UN3171.

We have extensive experience, knowledge and means to transport these types of goods anywhere thanks to the air and sea freight services we work with. Our partnerships with airlines and shipping companies guarantee the safety of even the most difficult requests.

We are happy to help our clients who are looking to achieve more sustainability through electric mobility.