Shipping large fleets of cars internationally

How exactly does one tackle an undertaking such as shipping large fleets of fifty to a hundred vehicles overseas? We’re not merely talking about a dozen cars or two, which would require some serious logistics anyhow, but several of these. Many corporations and companies have found themselves precisely in this situation more than once. And at Driving Logistics, handling and managing large fleets of cars internationally is one of our specialties.

If you’re still not sure what we’re talking about, picture the following scenario. A car brand hosts a number of press or public relations events internationally, with the aim of presenting their new range of vehicles to the public. They’ve taken care of everything, to the tiniest detail… The new issues are flawlessly designed and high-performing, fully-furbished, truly eye-candy for any car aficionado. They are sure to hit the market by storm! However, these prototypes are still in their respective factories in, say, Japan, and shipping several dozens of vehicles internationally to different destinations on a tight schedule is a whole different matter. And for the press event and communication to be a success, the transport of these must be timely and adequately coordinated. Especially nowadays, in our hyper-connected world, in which news travel faster than wind. Or cars, for that matter!

That’s where our team of vehicle logistics experts at Driving Logistics comes in. We have a long and vast international experience under our belt managing junctures such as these, including but not limited to motor shows, motorsport events, roadshows, exhibitions, races, film shootings… You name it! Keep reading and find out the extent to which we provide door to door car shipping services for all kinds of events worldwide.


Comprehensive international vehicle logistics and transportation management

All of our international car logistics services are conceived with one ultimate goal in mind: door to door provision. Why? Because it is what distinguishes us from the rest. When catering our services to international corporate events requiring vehicle logistics of a large scope, making life easier for our clients is an absolute priority. And that always entails direct pick-up, collection and delivery, wherever it is needed. It is this mentality and this way of doing things which has led us to successfully providing premium car logistics to outstanding international events such as Goodwood (UK), Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance (California), or the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance (Miami), among many others.

In this regard, at Driving Logistics, punctuality, precision and promptness are one of our strongpoints. We are used to work on tight deadlines and schedules, and have successfully coordinated a great number of simultaneous car unveilings internationally. Likewise, we make a special effort in arranging cost-efficient shipments, always offering the most suitable options, among options such as ground transport, sea and/or air freight.

Not only does the handling of logistics entail the actual shipment of the cars. At Driving Logistics, for instance, we provide an extensive range of documentation services in order to transfer large fleets of cars internationally. This means that we handle all the paperwork, from the issuance of ATA carnets, TIR carnets, carnets de passage (CPD), as well as dealing with custom clearance, depending on the countries involved. As a firm particularly dedicated to the international shipment of vehicles, we have a broad understanding of customs procedures for permanent or temporary vehicle imports and exports.

On top of providing premium international car logistics services for brands and corporations, we are also experts when it comes to keeping unique concept cars or prototypes safe and sound. In our storage facilities and transportation services, temperature and humidity are thoroughly controlled at their optimal levels, so that they arrive to their destination spick and span, even better than new.

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