Shipping a car from the United Arab Emirates to Europe

For most people, shipping a car overseas may appear to be an intimidating task to undertake. Especially when you don’t have any previous experience under your belt. There are simply many factors to take into account when transporting a vehicle across continents: from the documentation requirements to take care of, to the methods of transport to choose from, the timing it involves, or even the different regulations in force in different countries to take into account.

Besides, if you’re even considering shipping a car internationally, chances are we are not talking about a shabby old run-down truck. If you’re contemplating this kind of maneuver, it most surely involves a classy high-end vehicle, or a vintage collector’s issue. In any case, it must definitely have to do with an exceptional exemplar of a car, a cherished beauty that is worth shipping internationally. In such a case, you can’t just give your car keys to any moving company with no experience in the matter. By all regards, the best you can do to buy yourself some peace of mind is to rely on an experienced worldwide vehicle logistics operator to handle things.

Fortunately, we at Driving Logistics have a long and widespread experience and know-how regarding the international shipping of cars. We do it all: from the transportation of unique concept cars for motorsport exhibitions and events, to car logistic for film shootings. Today we bring you a breakdown on what to expect when shipping a car from the UAE to Europe.


Planning the transportation of a vehicle from the UAE to Europe

Unlike most shipping companies, here at Driving Logistics we are aware that a car is not only a means of transportation. It is an asset, and must be treated and taken care of as such, at all times. Because of this, we will advise you on the optimal transportation routes to choose from when shipping a vehicle from the UAE to Europe. Each of these routes will entail different timings, which you will have to consider depending on your needs.


Air freight from the UAE to Europe

In the event that you are in a hurry, and need your vehicle to be transferred to Europe from the UAE as soon as possible, the ideal method of transport is air freight. Naturally, it is the fastest international car shipping method, with reduced transit periods, in contrast with sea freight or ground transportation. It is indubitably the option we recommend for high value or delicate vehicles, as not only is it the fastest means of transport, it is also the safest. Anyhow, this transportation modality can take as little as three to five days, from the moment you hand us over your car keys, to the moment the vehicle arrives to its destination and the custom clearance process is over. It is also the costlier transportation option, always a factor to bear in mind.


Sea freight from the UAE to Europe

If you are not in that much of a hurry, sea freight can be a perfect solution, and one that will make you save some money. However, it is a much longer transportation process than air freight, and one that can be affected by weather conditions. A cargo ship from the UAE to Europe takes around one whole month to complete the trip. The total time will depend on the final destination: ships sailing to Mediterranean ports such as Genoa, Marseille or Barcelona may arrive in just a bit under a month, while vessels going to Atlantic ports such as Zeebrugge, Antwerp or Rotterdam may take as much as 35 days, or more. And this does not include the custom clearance timing, both at the departure and destination ports, which can take a couple of days, to say the least, and sometimes even more. Be that as it may, it is a popular option for many car owners who are not in an urgent hurry to ship their vehicle and can afford to wait a bit.


Documentation requirements to ship a car from the UAE to Europe

One of the amenities of contracting the services of a specialized international vehicle operator is that they take care of handling all documentation requirements. In the particular case of shipping a vehicle from the United Arab Emirates to Europe, this mostly involves the export certificate issued by the UAE Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Unsurprisingly, we will require your own documentation to take care of the process, such as your driving license, Emirates ID, passport and residency documents. Get in touch with us today to request a quote for your particular situation!

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