How to ship a car when relocating abroad

Relocating from one country to the next can be a greatly enriching experience. Whether its purpose is work-motivated or simply for the thrill of discovering a new environment to live in, expatriate life can bring about a number of benefits. Having the chance of getting out of your comfort zone, becoming more culturally aware, meeting new people and undertaking new professional challenges are just a few of the stimulating aspects of moving abroad.

However, relocating to a new country of residence also implicates a series of not-so-fun procedures and steps. From treading the often-complicated waters of real estate in a new city, to finding the best school for your kids, sorting out the legal paperwork for traveling visas or residence permits, or even obtaining healthcare insurance coverage… If you’ve ever moved from one country to another, you know what we’re talking about. To make your life easier, today we bring you a detailed run-down on how to deal with the relocation of your car. Just so that you have one less thing to worry about!


Modalities of vehicle transportation

The first factor to consider if you want to take your car with you on your new adventure overseas is, naturally, how to transport it internationally. Luckily, nowadays there are specialised firms such us, Driving Logistics, who handle all aspects of international vehicle shipping. In this regard, there are different means of transportation available, depending on the geographic situation and budgetary and timing constraints of your relocation: by air, by sea, or by means of ground shipping.

When relocating within the same continent, ground transportation of your vehicle can be a reasonable solution. Especially when it comes to well-connected regions with good infrastructures and routes, such as within North America or Europe. Driving Logistics as a vehicle shipping operators offer a comprehensive array of services in this regard, suited to different kinds of needs, clients and budgets. For example, among the different modalities of ground transport you can choose from open car trailers, enclosed car carriers or even particular vehicle mounted cranes. Each of these methods of ground transport has its own benefits and advantages, as well as different price ranges and time requirements. In all regards, though, your vehicle will be well looked after, with fleet satellite control and digital car damage monitoring and exhaustive reports of each of the cars transported.

In other situations, however, ground transportation is simply not possible, or not costeffective, such as shipping a vehicle from Spain to the USA, or from the UK to Singapore. In such cases, air and sea freight are decidedly sought-after methods. For one, air freight is the fastest international car shipping method, although the costlier of the ventures. Anyhow, sea freight is a completely plausible and affordable alternative (although we are currently facing world-wide backlogs and delay in ports). If your geographic situation compels you to ship your car by means of air or sea freight, make sure to look into the diverse procedures available, such as single-vehicle flight crates or Ro-Ro shipping, among others, in order to make the best decision suited to your needs.


Documentation needed to relocate your vehicle internationally

If you are planning on relocating overseas, then you are certainly aware that it also involves a tedious process of obtaining visas, residence permits, transferring medical records, getting work permits in order, social security issues… Just to name a few among a long list of cumbersome proceedings.

And so, if you don’t want to face unexpected charges for your goods and apply for import tax reduction or even bonified duties and taxes there are also certain on time formal procedures you need to go through.

Fortunately, if you look into signing up a worldwide vehicle logistics operator to help you out in your change of residence, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Driving Logistics, for instance, offers a wide span of documentation services in order to transfer your car internationally. They take care of all the paperwork, from the issuance of ATA carnets, TIR carnets, carnets de passage (CPD), as well as full assistance with regard to custom clearance, depending on the countries involved. Firms specialised in the international transportation ofvehicles have a broad experience taking care of customs procedures for vehicle imports and exports, as well as the applicable car registration processes for any country.

Relying on an international vehicle logistics operator is by all means the best way to get rid of unnecessary burdens and focus on what really matters. All you have to do is hand them the documents they require, such as your personal identification, car title, and proof of vehicle ownership, and they will take care of the rest! Relocate to your new country of residence worry-free and with peace of mind. Your car will be in good hands.