How to ship a car from UAE to Europe

There are many different scenarios in which one might require the transportation of a car from one country to the next. For instance, you might want to book the feature of a luxury car, unavailable at the destination country, at an exclusive fair or exhibition, or even a motorsport event. Or quite simply, you might just want to ship your car for your holidays, or need to transport a purchased car abroad back to your country of residence.

If you’ve never done it before, transporting a vehicle overseas may seem like a daunting task. However, it can be done with the help of car shipping companies. At Driving Logistics, we are specialized in air, sea and ground car freight shipping. In the particular case of shipping a car from the UAE to Europe, there is a series of documentation requirements to bear in mind. Likewise, there are different international vehicle shipment methods to choose from, depending on your specific needs and necessities. Read closely below, as we will provide a detailed explanation of the different ways to transport your vehicle from the UAE to Europe.


Types of international vehicle shipping

Generally, there are three main ways of transporting a vehicle from a country to another: by air, by sea, and by ground transportation. Unfortunately, when it comes to moving a car from the UAE to Europe, geographic circumstances rule out ground transportation as a cost-effective method of transportation. This basically leaves us with air and sea freight as our main options to ship a car from the UAE to Europe. Among these, making the best decision between air and sea transportation to ship your car across countries will depend on your logistical needs.


Air freight

If you’re in a hurry and the vehicle in question is immediately needed at the UAE, vehicle carriage by air will drastically diminish all transit periods. Naturally, being the fastest international car shipping method, air freight is usually the most expensive shipping service out there. However, it is a popular option when it comes to high value or delicate vehicles, as these can be shipped exclusively in single-vehicle flight crates in aircrafts cargo decks, as opposed to multi-vehicle containers or vessels. Car shipping companies such as Driving Logistics offer exhaustive and comprehensive air freight services which include door-to-door pick-up and delivery by precision drivers and technicians, and full coverage cargo insurance.


Sea freight

On the other hand, car shipping by sea is a most-favored option among those needing to transport a vehicle from the UAE to Europe, as it is generally less costly than air freight cargo. There are different modalities with regard to car sea shipping to Dubai, depending on the type of car to be shipped and, certainly, your respective necessities.

One of the most sought-after car sea shipping methods is Ro-Ro, an acronym which stands for roll-on and roll-off shipping. Vehicles transported overseas by means of this process are carried aboard a specialized vessel known as a Ro-Ro ship. In these, multiple cars are driven directly aboard by precision drivers, and then securely fastened on deck or below. As it is a highly-specialized method, international Ro-Ro car shipping is generally considered the most cost-effective way of shipping a car from the UAE to Europe. The reason for this is that with Ro-Ro shipping, vehicles can be directly rolled on to the ship, saving vast amounts of time to the shipper. However, it has its limitations: only vehicles in correct driving conditions may be shipped with is method. There are limited shipping routes operated by Ro-Ro ships.

The other way to transport a car across countries by sea consists of container shipping. As opposed to Ro-Ro sea freight, container shipping implies that vehicles are introduced in a container for their transportation. This allows the customer to choose from having the vehicle transported separately or not, either in shared or exclusive containers. The latter is usually the priciest venture of the two.

Similarly to air shipments, companies specialized in international car shipping, such as Driving Logistics, offer meticulous services comprising door-to-door transfers by precision drivers, full coverage cargo insurance, and complete monitoring of the whole process, from ramp clearance to door delivery.


Documentation needed to ship a car from the UAE to Europe

Car shipping companies, including Driving Logistics, not only take care of the actual international transportation of your vehicles. They handle all the logistical aspects of shipping a vehicle overseas, including documentation requirements and full assistance with regard to custom clearance, and the issuance of proper export / import documents ATA Carnets & CPD (Carnet De Passages). In order to carry a vehicle by air or sea from the UAE to Europe, the documentation required by the respective authorities are your identification documents, a receipt proving the sale of the car, a valid vehicle ownership title, and a UAE residence visa (except for people with nationalities from any of the AGCC countries). It is worth pointing out that cars holding a salvage title, meaning that they are considerably damaged and not roadworthy, are not allowed to enter some countries.

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