How much does it cost to ship a car from Dubai to the UK?

Simply the thought of transporting a vehicle from one continent to another may seem like an overwhelming errand. Let alone from Dubai to the United Kingdom. One quick glance at the world map confirms that the famous port city of the United Arab Emirates is separated from the British Isles by many seas, oceans and land barriers. Naturally, ground shipping must therefore be discarded as a convenient and sensible way of passage, both in terms of practical use of resources, and also with regard to the time needed to accomplish such transit. Then how exactly does one set out to ship their car from Dubai to the UK? Today we are taking a close look at the different options available when it comes to transferring a vehicle from the Persian Gulf metropolis to Britain.

As we’ve already established, if you need a car shipped from Dubai to the United Kingdom quickly and effectively, ground transportation is completely out of the question. Just the interval needed to perform this journey would entail a long and tedious downtime, excluding the high cost and resources needed for it. Certainly, we are left with two clear options in order to ship a vehicle overseas from the United Arab Emirates to the United Kingdom: air and sea freight. Although each manner of transportation is suited for efficiency and convenience, there are advantages that are particular to each solution. Nowadays there are specialised car shipping companies such as Driving Logistics providing far-reaching and all-inclusive air and sea freight services catered to their clients’ specific needs.


Shipping a car from Dubai to the UK by air

The most obvious and ideal solution for the carriage of a vehicle from Dubai to Britain is by means of air freight. Why? It’s indubitably the fastest and safest way of transportation. However, it also entails higher cost than maritime or ground shipping. Therefore, in what kind of scenarios might we consider air freight to ship a car overseas? Well, if we are talking about high value cargo requiring delicate handling, for instance with regard to exclusive racing cars or antique exhibition vehicles, air shipping is by all means the most adequate form of delivery. Vehicles can be shipped exclusively in single flight crates or on top of PMC pallet, in contrast to vessels where the humidity (if not treated properly) can affect vehicle’s condition or Ro-Ro services carrying multiple cars inside. Moreover, specialised car logistics companies such as Driving Logistics furnish exhaustive cargo insurance and door-to-door pick-up and delivery by experienced handlers drivers to ensure the safety of the luxury vehicles being shipped.

On the other hand, besides being the safest way of shipping a car from Dubai to the United Kingdom, air freight is also the fastest option. Therefore, if the shipment of the vehicle in question is urgently needed at its destination, there is no room for doubt: air transportation is the paramount solution. Not only is the airplane journey itself faster than sea routes, all transit periods are drastically reduced, as the loading and unloading processes of a cargo plane are much speedier than that of a cargo ship. All in all, air freight is the most expensive option of the two, but its higher cost is justified by the amenities and advantages it entails.


Shipping a car from Dubai to the UK by sea

If you are not in a hurry and can afford to wait a bit longer for the shipment of your car from Dubai to the United Kingdom, sea transportation is a more than reasonable option. In this regard, choosing sea freight over air freight implies spending less money and spending more time instead.

Fortunately, Driving Logistics are in a position to also offer different modalities of maritime vehicle shipping, in order to cater to different necessities. The importance of having a team with a solid experience and specific know-how concerning the shipment of vehicles overseas cannot be overstressed. Just the loading and unloading of cars onto containers, customs clearance and paperwork is of vital importance to ensure the safety of the vehicles, and must be carried out by highly-trained professionals.

The two most worthwhile car sea shipping methods are Ro-Ro sea freight and container shipping. The first stands for roll-on and roll-off shipping, which means that vehicles to be shipped are driven aboard by precision chauffeurs, and then firmly lashed on deck or below. Therefore, only vehicles in correct driving conditions may be apt for Ro-Ro shipping. The main advantage of Ro-Ro shipping is that the loading and unloading of the cargo ship is considerably faster than with containers, and is a significantly cost-effective method of shipment.

On the other hand, container shipping may not be as streamlined as roll-on and roll-off shipping, but it offers some advantages. For one, it allows any kind of vehicle to be shipped, regardless of its driving condition. In addition, it also calls for the possibility of transporting vehicles in exclusive individual containers for extra security. Although the costlier venture of car sea freight modalities, it involves more security for the vehicle and peace of mind for yourself.

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