Driving Logistics handling team has the capacity to handle global and concept car tours.

Driving Logistics has the capacity to handle global and concept car tours through dedicated and integrated logistics inbound and outbound operations.

We have developed our expertise in motor shows and events where we have managed to handle the vehicles from the manufacturers design centers departure to their return after many international unveil presentations and assisting to motor shows worldwide.

Our experienced handling team designs and executes a personalized global logistics and handling plan for the prototype in direct communication with the engineers in charge.

An ambitious job, moving a unique, special and confidential vehicle, which has never been transported before, to any destination required by customer.

This process also make us develop and produce technical handling and display protocols to assure, all the demands a concept cars needs, from using most suitable packing process and materials to assure 100% confidentiality until its delivery to unveil or event venue.

Main objective is to achieve a smooth operation, even so, our on-site team which will be following all concept car steps, is trained to contribute with most suitable solutions to any possible setback.