Driving Logistics can develop concept vehicles ideas

Driving Logistics team can develop and build creative concept ideas into working concept vehicles, either from scratch or from an already existing base.

Concept vehicles is a vehicle made to show off new developments. Concept vehicles are not designed for large-scale production.

Our design team can 3D render the real model to have a preview of the final look & feel, integrating as well visual design and wrapping of the vehicle to reinforce the visual impact.

After the design, our team of experts can integrate any modification on the car to give it the finalquality touches (rework the bodywork, install electronic gadgets & fully wrap interior and exterior).

Automakers use concept vehicles to highlight new features or ideas they would like to implement into future vehicles. Since concept cars gain a lot of attention at auto shows, it’s a great way for automakers to show off some of their newest technology that might otherwise go unnoticed.