Door-To-Door Auto Transport Services

Driving Logistics tailored and premium door-to-door services cover all transportation stages, from pick up to final delivery, including customs clearance and vehicle care and loading/unloading from all carriers. A service designed to release all stress from our customers.

We will also supply a personalized cover for the vehicle including windows, wheel space and windshield opening spots to have the car confidentially kept and always protected, even during the handling maneuvers. Furthermore, we will check tire pressure, battery health and engine fluids at every stage.

With attention to all details, and know-how only professional drivers and technicians can provide, we ensure the vehicle is treated with extremely delicate care and advanced knowledge, minimizing the opportunity of any setback, and assessing permanently all situations.

In our aim to offer ad hoc premium movements, you will always be able to track every step during the whole shipment process. Thanks to our Project Managers, you will be regularly updated through the monitoring reports until you receive your vehicle, when a final report is sent to you with all the information on the shipment and pictures of the vehicle at every stage

The air and sea transport sector gives its support to archive more sustainable mobility

At Driving Logistics, we are experts in air and sea freight. We have containers dedicated to prototypes and special vehicles. We use unique types of packaging to keep vehicles and goods in the best conditions.

More and more companies are looking to achieve a zero carbon footprint, that is, to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions by compensating for the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

At Driving Logistics, we offer our full support to our clients who are developing concept cars and production vehicles in order to achieve more sustainable electric mobility.

These vehicles use lithium batteries that are subject to very strict safety measures and regulations when it comes to both air and sea freight.

We ship categories of hazardous materials in compliance with regulations including UN3480, UN3481 and UN3171.

We have extensive experience, knowledge and means to transport these types of goods anywhere thanks to the air and sea freight services we work with. Our partnerships with airlines and shipping companies guarantee the safety of even the most difficult requests.

We are happy to help our clients who are looking to achieve more sustainability through electric mobility.

DL commitment during COVID-19 outbreak

Driving Logistics, on its commitment against the current COVID-19 outbreak and towards the most needed ones during these times, was required by Vall d’Hebron Hospital (Barcelona) to support on unblocking 2 shipments of 7 medical ventilators coming from Switzerland and the USA that were stuck at Spanish customs as well as the fast delivery to the hospital final destinations.

The whole team put the best of its capacities to smooth customs clearance and final delivery, speeding up import process and finally delivering ahead of given time. In collaboration with the Spanish Medical Agency we managed to get the special license to import all ventilators into Spain. Our job has been to support all medical staff in the front line of this battle against the virus and ultimately to our society in a unselflesly way. We are always ready to serve under the most demanding circumstances, which is where it resides our passion and makes all efforts even more worth it.