Car Shipping. CES 2020 Las Vegas.

Car Shipping

Thanks to our Car Shipping service, our company Driving Logistics can provide all-inclusive worldwide air transport. The Car Shipping service allows our clients to send a high-value motor vehicle or a car urgently to a specific location.

The Car Shipping service is the best option to be used for shipping and high value transport.

Our company participated in the last edition of CES Las Vegas, supporting our clients in their respective activities. In recent years, CES has grown in our sector and has become a largest event in the country, reaching the level of the Detroit Auto Show and the New York Auto Show.

Of course, the focus was on autonomous driving and renewable fuel technologies.

Thanks to our Car Shipping service, we shipped vehicles from Asia and Europe to Las Vegas. We supported our customers in setting up the vehicles and activities as well as with on-site support and vehicle handling during the days of the event.

Through the  Shipping service, Driving Logistics can provide cargo flight itineraries where necessary. We are specialists in vehicles, prototypes, dangerous goods and large volume cargo shipments worldwide.

We are very grateful to our customers for trusting us to send sports cars, classic cars, race cars, specialist collective cars, luxury cars, vans, SUVs, commercial vehicles and all other types of automobile.