Car Auctions: Purchasing Abroad

One of the most widespread reasons behind shipping vehicles internationally is the sale and purchase market. Oftentimes, experienced or connoisseur car buyers will look for their next acquisition overseas. You may be asking yourself why. Well, despite the intricacies of transporting a car across countries, purchasing a car abroad can entail several advantages. For one, international car dealers sometimes enjoy exceptional arrangements with suppliers and manufacturers. In this regard, international dealers often offer unusually low pricing and discounts that would be impossible to find elsewhere, for instance. It is very often cheaper even after calculating import taxes for the destination country, as well as other logistical expenses.

There are other good reasons for purchasing at car auctions abroad, for that matter. On the one hand, some cars are treasured rare issues, antiques or collectibles that can be nearly impossible for classic car fans to find. This leaves no other option for specialized buyers but to resort to placing bids on the global vehicle auction market.

On the other hand, global car export auctioneers are teeming with incredibly low bargains of both clean title vehicles and salvage cars, which is precisely what many buyers look for. And then again, some buyers are simply looking for worthy automotive investments, finding vintage rides to enjoy and resale later in their own country and, naturally, profit from it.

Besides, if we add to the equation the existence of international car shipping operators such as ourselves at Driving Logistics, it doesn’t get better than that! Buyers can find the car of their dreams at incredible prices at auctions abroad, and have them shipped home hassle-free.


What to expect when shipping a vehicle purchased overseas

Notwithstanding, there are some complexities with regard to the purchase of vehicles at international auction. But as usual, at Driving Logistics we are committed to making your life easier when it comes to international car shipping. Today we’ll break down the factors to keep in mind when looking to acquire vehicles at auctions overseas, and what to consider and expect in order to transport them back home.

We’ve delved extensively in other posts on the different modalities of international car transportation, as well as the documentation needed to do so. Luckily for you, at Driving Logistics we are firm specializing in precisely all these services, delivering your vehicle right at your doorstep with all the paperwork in order, and with exhaustive safety guarantees. However, depending on the type of vehicle acquired at an international auction, we recommend different courses of action.


International shipping of classic or rare issue cars

In the case of shipping vintage rides, transporting a classic vehicle is a bit more complex than other types of freight. These cars are usually the result of a considerable money and time investment, and their owners expect a particularly greater commitment to the car’s safety and integrity. In this regard, when choosing a shipping modality for a rare classic car, at Driving Logistics we mainly recommend closed transport by air or sea. In other words, we recommend that your vehicle is enclosed and secured in a specialized container, discarding other options such as Ro-Ro shipping.


International shipping of salvaged cars

The transportation of salvaged cars is somewhat different than the courses of action involved with greater value automobiles. The main factor to take into account in this regard is whether the salvaged car is drivable or not. If it is non-drivable, this will entail that it will have to be repaired onto whichever means of transportation you choose. Likewise, if the car is drivable, it opens up more options, such as RO-RO shipping.

When looking to ship a salvaged car obtained at an auction internationally, it is of the utmost importance that you check beforehand the regulations in effect at the destination country. Why? Because some countries simply do not allow the entry of this type of cars on their territory. This is the case, for instance, of the United Arab Emirates.

Similarly, many countries also stipulate special rules when it comes to the importation of salvaged cars acquired at online auctions. This is especially the case of European countries, which require the coverage of a series of custom duties and VAT on the salvaged vehicle, as well as a vehicle registration tax. Not only that, but if you plan on driving this type of vehicle back home, you will also have to undergo a car inspection and buy insurance for it.

Despite these intricacies, many buyers feel that the money saved on a salvaged vehicle makes it all worthwhile. Especially with the assistance of our specialists at Driving Logistics, who are well placed to advise you on all aspects related to international car shipping.

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