We fly racing and formula cars worldwide

At Driving Logistics, we fly racing and formula cars worldwide to races, events, and motor shows safely, secured and confidentially transported under our fully coverage insurance for all door-to-door transportations.

Our precision drivers and technicians ensure the best handling out of the track when loading into our enclosed truck service and while boarding to air freight carriers, either with crate or covered on top of main deck.

All process is duly monitored and reported, ensuring all aspects, from ramp clearance to lashing and designing the most secure and efficient air freight crate.

We also run spares shipments and last-minute deliveries straight to the circuit when needed.

Handling an exclusive super car

From Driving Logistics we are currently handling an exclusive super car at some highlight events around China. Vehicle departed from Japan and after a quick stop in Europe to renew customs documents we make it fly to Beijing where was temporary imported through ATA carnet.

Services offered include transport between events with enclosed trucks, on site staff assistance and supervision for each vehicle movement, car care, displays set up and manage of all customs process, import/export and arrival/departure air freight.

The highlight events for this vehicle are the Beijing Motor Show and Guangzhou Motor Show where we will be present to ensure the best service.

360º experience setting up a 100% electric Drive-in Cinema.

At Driving Logistics we created a 360º experience setting up a 100% electric Drive-in Cinema.

50 electric car owners enjoyed in Lisbon a football game through a giant screen from the comfort of their car.

We managed the event from head to tows: location, a giant screen, concept car display on a spinning platform, simulator of the latest driving technology, a stunning photobooth, served on spot catering.

Only in 6 weeks the joined efforts from Brand Experience department of Driving Logistics made this concept became truth.

Vehicles worldwide on a fully customized door to door service

At Driving Logistics, we fly private owned – vehicles worldwide on a fully customized door to door service; New York, LA, Tokio, Hong Kong, Nice, Ibiza, Dubai and beyond.

Our office team will accurately study any request and prepare an adjusted logistics plan taking into account the most cost efficient and shortest shipping schedule. Full process is going to be monitored from the beginning until the end, with updates on each step.

Our clients fly their cars for their holidays, rallies, annual service, driving tours and elegance concurs’.

Just tell us where is your car and your destination and we will make It fly there in 4-7 days.

Flash shipments Europe to US

Driving Logistics has developed its reliability and efficiency by demonstrating that every destination can be reached on time whichever challenges are on the way.

We recently received an under deadline call of T-96 hours for a vehicle shipment West US to Southern Europe, involving pickup at customer´s door, customs clearance, vehicle positioning at airport terminal, airfreight and last mile delivery.

We aligned all steps to the maximum detail from vehicle care and security, express customs clearance process to the handover to our client.

Driving Logistics arrives to the most remote places on earth

Driving Logistics arrives to the most remote places on earth. Where a ship, plane or truck cannot arrive, our team is able to custom clear, drive vehicles and deliver any car anywhere.

We are experts in all type of freight with a strong worldwide network of partners.

Fast reactions always comprehending the safest on-time solution.
Our experienced team with a great know-how will assist at any part of the world you needed.

Our professional drivers have not just the skills but the experience of any terrain and situation. To complete the service a full car check & car cleaning will be done before the delivery of the cars in perfect conditions & shape.

Driving Logistics can develop concept vehicles ideas

Driving Logistics team can develop and build creative concept ideas into working concept vehicles, either from scratch or from an already existing base.

Concept vehicles is a vehicle made to show off new developments. Concept vehicles are not designed for large-scale production.

Our design team can 3D render the real model to have a preview of the final look & feel, integrating as well visual design and wrapping of the vehicle to reinforce the visual impact.

After the design, our team of experts can integrate any modification on the car to give it the finalquality touches (rework the bodywork, install electronic gadgets & fully wrap interior and exterior).

Automakers use concept vehicles to highlight new features or ideas they would like to implement into future vehicles. Since concept cars gain a lot of attention at auto shows, it’s a great way for automakers to show off some of their newest technology that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Driving Logistics can be your 24/7 logistics partner

Are you thinking on a worldwide driving / riding adventure?

Driving Logistics can be your 24/7 logistics partner and consultant during the whole trip, offering vehicle movement by air and sea, assisting on border crossing anywhere needed and on technical solutions.

We’ve recently supported our friend, entrepreneur and founder of Red Point Company, Josep Coll on his motorbike trip from Sant Feliu de Guixols (Spain) to Bora Bora (French Polynesia) crossing Europe and Siberia to Japan, jumping then to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore to end his ride across Australia and
New Zealand.

Coll becomes the first Spaniard to arrive solo on a motorcycle from Spain to New Zealand, thus fulfilling his mother’s dream.

The “route to paradise” (as he calls it), under the slogan “+ Cancer research, – corruption” has been the 4th and last edition of the “Biker Pilgrimage against cancer” that has been done for years and has taken him around the world.

The objective of this leg has been to raise 24.000€ for the Fundación Anita that works on raising funds to research on childhood “Germ cell tumor”.

This founds will be used to the collaboration with the Pediatric Palliative Center’s team of Sant Joan de Déu (hospital in Barcelona) to launch a music therapy project at home.

It has been a pleasure to be part of this challenge and we hope to ride many more miles together

Driving Logistics handling team has the capacity to handle global and concept car tours.

Driving Logistics has the capacity to handle global and concept car tours through dedicated and integrated logistics inbound and outbound operations.

We have developed our expertise in motor shows and events where we have managed to handle the vehicles from the manufacturers design centers departure to their return after many international unveil presentations and assisting to motor shows worldwide.

Our experienced handling team designs and executes a personalized global logistics and handling plan for the prototype in direct communication with the engineers in charge.

An ambitious job, moving a unique, special and confidential vehicle, which has never been transported before, to any destination required by customer.

This process also make us develop and produce technical handling and display protocols to assure, all the demands a concept cars needs, from using most suitable packing process and materials to assure 100% confidentiality until its delivery to unveil or event venue.

Main objective is to achieve a smooth operation, even so, our on-site team which will be following all concept car steps, is trained to contribute with most suitable solutions to any possible setback.

Driving Logistics equips all field staff with Personal Protective Equipment

Driving Logistics equips all field staff with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during all shipment stages. With a unique purpose, quality service, to keep prototypes at its finest conditions.

The PPE kits used by our technicians and handlers ensures integral vehicle protection while facilitating they can perform all duties with total confront. The PPE includes full suit, face mask, googles, feet protection, seat cover, floor mat cover and steering wheel cover.

Our protection measures include, as well, interior leather, floor mats, trim panels, touch screens, door seals to minimize all risks and is designed to ensure the state condition of the vehicles is maintained throughout the whole transportation, display or dynamic usage.

From prototypes to collector classic cars or supercars, they all need the exclusive handling and Driving Logistics can offer, after many years of experience and training efforts of handler’s teams plus the ambition of improving day by day our services, the adjusted car care needed by each vehicle.

As a global logistics operator, providing added value, all our procedures are designed to keep vehicle safety and confidentiality at its maximum level.