A Classic Car Shipping Company

Transporting a rare or vintage car internationally is not something to take lightly. On the contrary, they are quite heavy objects to carry (pun intended!). If you are a classic vehicle owner, you know what we’re talking about. You’d just rather not have any crummy moving company take care of shipping your cherished rare issue vehicle. There are so many things that could go wrong, right from the start. For instance, an inexperienced driver could cause unwanted scratches to the car body during the loading process onto a cargo ship or aircraft. Or your luxury car could unreasonably be loaded on an open transport carrier, leaving it exposed to the inclemencies of bad weather or debris.

Therefore, when looking into shipping a classic or vintage car overseas, it’s best to always count on specialized brokers. Luckily for you, you’ve landed at the right page: at Driving Logistics we are highly specialized car shippers, with a vast experience under our belt, and fully committed to providing a premium service to our clients around the world. Whatever you need, you name it: whether you need to ship a purchased classic car abroad, or are transferring a number of rare issue vehicles for a motorsport exhibition event, or need to take care of car logistics for a special shooting, it’s all in our field of expertise. We’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to find out how we ensure the safety of your luxury vintage car throughout our door-to-door shipping services.


Safe lashing, packing and shipping

At Driving Logistics, we go to painstaking lengths to ensure the quality of our shipping services and the integrity and safety of our cargo. Therefore, the packing, lashing and loading processes are of the utmost importance to us. Everything is at stake at this point of the process, as inappropriate lashing and packing can cause irreversible damages to a car during its transportation. Especially when it comes to rare vintage or classic cars, which are particularly delicate. Therefore, we secure the lashing of vehicles in order to minimize any possibility of cargo shifting or slipping during transit, both for air and sea freight. We are even well placed to offer custom-made freight crates, adjusted to vehicle dimensions and fragilities. All for the sake of safeguarding the integrity of the classic and vintage cars we ship abroad.


Specialized precision drivers

When handling delicate vehicles such as rare issue classics or vintage cars, how they are driven is crucial. These cars oftentimes feature their own particularities, which must be taken into account when it comes to driving them. Besides, if you’re contracting the services of a transport broker, you want everything to be taken care of. Our precision drivers will take care of picking up the vehicle at your door, and delivering it to the exact destination you wish for, with full guarantees of its safety and integrity. Our drivers and agents are so experienced to the extent that we can provide special treatments to the classic or vintage cars that require it. These premium assistances include different amenities such as offering temperature-controlled crates for especially delicate vehicles, among other services.


Exhaustive monitoring of vehicles in transit

The meticulous monitoring we provide of the vehicles we ship internationally differentiates us from most companies out there. Before you even hand us over your classic car keys, a Driving Logistics specialist will have thoroughly recorded the state of the car to be shipped overseas. This includes both the external portions of the vehicle for any kind of practical or aesthetic issue, as well as its interior. In this way, we are able to provide a comprehensive digital car damage check with a full and exhaustive report of each and every car transported. Vehicle performance rapports, status reports, and engineering support: we do it all. Your unique vintage car is in good hands.

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